Aims & Object Of the Guruji Pranami Mission Trust

  • To promote and propagate social service and non violence.
  • To manage, maintain, run and conduct Shri Pranami Balika Seva Ashrama, Dungra Basty, Kalimpong, (west Bengal), founded by the Settler.
  • To manage, maintain, run and conduct Shri Prannathji Brahmacharya Ashram with Sanskrit Pathsala at village Haidarpara, Suliguri, (west Bengal), founded by the Settler;
  • To frame rules and regulations for the proper management and maintenance of the two Institutions mentioned in sub–clauses (ii) and (iii) hereinabove and to add alter, modify or delete rules and regulations.
  • To conduct and/or manage and/or aid the conduct of schools, colleges, libraries, hostels, research centers and any other educational institutions with or without fees as the Trustees may from time to time in their discretion determine
  • To give scholarship and other assistances to any student prosecuting studies either primary, secondary, technical diploma, under-graduate, or post graduate in India or abroad.
  • To help societies and institution which have similar objects by way of grants, donations or otherwise
  • To promote and propagate the study of philosophy, sociology, culture and religion and any branch of learning or knowledge including arts, science medicine, nursery, engineering, law and commerce.
  • To carry on and conduct all activities for the upliftment of humanity and to do all acts and things for the achievement of the said objective.
  • To donate the net income of the trust property or any part thereof to any institution which is likely to promote education or any other objects of public general utility.
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